PlanToys Children’s Room Furniture


Plan Toys Children’s Room – Orchard Collection dolls house furniture set. Including bunk beds, desk and stool.

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PlanToys Children’s Room Furniture

PlanToys Children’s Room Furniture Set – The PlanToys Children’s Room set is part of the Orchard range and includes bunk beds, a desk and a stool. As well as being used as bunk beds, the beds can also be separated and made into two single beds.

  • Size(Approx.): 7 x 14 x 14 cm
  • Model Number: 7353
  • Recommended Age: 3 +

About PlanToys 

PlanToys have a strong desire to cultivate a sustainable world. They intentionally conduct business with careful consideration for the environment. In addition to the consideration of child safety and development.

Sustainable Material, Sustainable Manufacturing, as well as a  Sustainable Mind are three pillars of PlanToys’ business philosophy. We call this philosophy the “Sustainable Way”.

Since 1981, PlanToys mission has been to create a more sustainable world. This is in addition to focusing on safety standards and child development. As part of its business practices, PlanToys ensures that the environment and society are considered. PlanToys have been able to achieve this by applying green manufacturing methods and using green materials.. By doing this they help pave a sustainable path for our children. Whilst also doing their part to protect the beautiful ecosystems and environments that inhabit our planet. It is Thailand where PlanToys are made using rubber trees that no longer produce latex, trees which would typically be burned.

An unrivalled manufacturer of developmental toys. It is the hope of PlanToys that your little one not only grows in their ability to imagine and create with our wooden toys. And that they also grow closer to nature, better understand the importance of a green lifestyle and successfully develop along the way.

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Weight 505 g
Dimensions 7 × 14 × 14 cm


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