Nanoblock One Piece Usopp


Nanoblock, One Piece Usopp (NBCC-049). With over 140 nano blocks to give fine detail.


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Nanoblock One Piece Usopp

From the Nanoblock One Piece series. Create your very own 3D One Piece – Usopp with this micro block building set. With over 150 pieces this set builds up to give fine detail never before achieved with building blocks.

  • nanoblock Model No: NBCC-049
  • Recommended Age:12 +
  • Skill Level: 3 (of 5)

Nanoblock One Piece Range

Nanoblock One Piece. Are you a fan of the Japanese Anime One Piece? Do you love building things with tiny blocks? If so, then you’re going to love Nanoblock One Piece sets! Nanoblock One Piece sets allow you to create your very own One Piece characters using small, colourful blocks. The sets make an excellent gift for any One Piece fan. They are perfect for older children and adults alike. 

Whether you’re a Nanoblock fan or a One Piece fan (or both!), these sets make a great gift for any occasion. The sets are a fun and challenging way to get creative, and they’re also perfect for display purposes. 


Nanoblocks are the creation of the Japanese toy company KAWADA. In 2008 KAWADA launched Nanoblocks in Japan, where they quickly became a hit. Today they are sold all over the world. Nanoblocks offer a unique building experience due to the small intricate pieces. The small blocks are easy to manipulate, and you can create some intricate designs with them. Nanoblocks are really fun and challenging to build with. The smallest Nanoblock pieces are a mere 4mm x 4mm x 5mm.

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