Mallard Duck (Animal Planet 387127)


Mojo Animal Planet™ Mallard Duck figure from the Farmland series. Model Number: 387127.

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Mojo Animal Planet™ Mallard Duck figure from the Farmland series.

Mallards can live in nearly any wetland habitat, natural or artificial. They’ll make themselves at home in and around lakes, ponds, rivers, marshes, estuaries and coastlines, as well parks and backyards. That versatility (and a little help from humans, who likely introduced them in various locations) has allowed them to span across the globe, and they can be found across North America, Eurasia and New Zealand, and in parts of Central and South America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Japan and Australia.

Mojo Animal Planet™ Mallard Duck features:

  • Model Number: 387127
  • Series: Farmland
  • Size(approx.): 6.5 x 3 x 5 cm
  • Recommended Age: 3 Years +
  • Material: Plastic
  • Condition – Brand new.

All Mojo Animal Planet™ models comply with relevant safety regulations and have also all CE tested and approved. View the rest of the Mojo Animal Planet™ range.

About Animal Planet™

Animal Planet™ is the leading global media brand for all things animal! Animal Planet™ have teamed with Mojo to create an expertly researched, true-to-life collectible figure series.

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Weight 20 g
Dimensions 6.5 × 3 × 5 cm


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