Battle Crab with Weapon (Schleich 42495)



Schleich Battle Crab with Weapon Eldrador figure (Model Number: 42495).

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Schleich Battle Crab with Weapon Eldrador figure. The figures have all beautifully hand painted by Schleich.

It likes slow enemies best, but with its six legs the ferocious, blue and red battle crab can move lightning-fast and quickly catch up with even the swiftest of opponents – for the crab doesn’t hesitate for an instant if it spots intruders! It makes no difference whether it’s one foe or several at once: because it’s so quick and agile, the battle crab can effortlessly outmanoeuvre any opponents on the ground. And then things get uncomfortable for them: without batting an eyelid (not that the battle crab has any anyway), it seizes hold of the attacker with one of its big claws – and then there’s no escaping its grip, no matter how much its victim struggles! Even if the battle crab only squeezes gently, it’s still incredibly painful and pinches a lot!

Schleich Battle Crab with Weapon figure features:

  • Model Number: 42495
  • Size(approx.): 15.1 × 11 × 18 cm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Recommended Age: 3 +

All Schleich models comply with relevant safety regulations and have also all CE tested and approved. View the rest of the Schleich range.

About Schleich

Anywhere’s a Playground™ is the philosophy behind every Schleich figure and accessory. Modelled on nature and intricately painted by hand, the Schleich collection of figures and accessories has amazingly accurate detail and help children learn and develop through imaginative play.

Schleich History

Founded by Friedrich Schleich in 1935. They released their first figurines in the 1950s with comic figurines such as Snoopy and The Smurfs. The 1980’s saw the introduction of the popular animal and also the dinosaur figures. Today Schleich is sold in more than 50 countries around the world and even today, each new figure is designed together with experts, manufactured with a love of detail and are still painted by hand.

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