Baby Einstein Magic Touch Piano


Baby Einstein Hape
With the delicate touch of her little fingers, Baby Einstein Magic Touch Piano from Hape will let baby create thousands of different songs.

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Baby Einstein Magic Touch Piano

With just a delicate touch of their fingers, Hape Baby Einstein Magic Touch Piano will let baby create their own songs. This wooden toy piano features magic touch technology. No buttons or keys needed.
The piano has two modes of play. Free-style and play along. Free-style lets your toddler make their own music whilst the play along mode plays classic melodies. Giving your baby toys that make music helps children tune into different rhythmic patterns and sounds at a young age. This musical development toy comes complete with 3 sheets of music and 6 different songs. Your child will be able to  practice colour coordination by matching the colour-coded notes on the sheets to the keys on the piano. The piano also has a handy volume control so you can turn the music to “low” when you need to, or you can crank it up to “high” for a main-stage piano performance. With the Baby Einstein Magic Touch Piano, playing the piano has never been so much fun.

  • Model Number: E11649
  • Recommended Age: 12 Months +
  • Unleash your baby’s creativity with their first piano
  • Wooden piano magically makes music
  • 3 sheets of music and 6 different songs
  • Create your own songs or play classic melodies
  • Child safe and durable materials

About Hape’s Baby Einstein Range

Hape Baby Einstein is a range of educational toys designed to help your little one explore the world around them. The toys are inspired by the work of renowned child development expert Dr. Maria Montessori and promote exploration, discovery and learning through play.

The Hape Baby Einstein range includes a variety of interactive toys, such as the Discovering Music Activity Table, which helps your child explore the world of music, and the Counting Palaces Stack & Count Toy, which introduces your little one to numbers and counting.

With Hape Baby Einstein toys, your child can learn about the world around them in a fun and interactive way. So why not give your little one a head start in life with Hape Baby Einstein?

About Hape

Hape® (pronounced “hah-pay”) takes the first two letters of its founder Peter Handstein’s name. It also sounds similar to “Happy”, which reflects the brand’s desire to create happiness for children around the world. Hape® has become a world-leading brand in the design and manufacture of high-quality baby and children’s toys. Toys made from sustainable materials. Hape’s range features over 20 categories covering STEAM toys, learning toys, instrument toys, role play toys and outdoor toys as well as many others. Providing a kaleidoscope of choices for free play and learning.

Today, Hape toys are available in over 100 countries and regions worldwide and Hape has won numerous awards from prestigious independent toy associations for toy design, quality and safety. Hape believes the future starts with and belongs to children and that toys’ influence on children’s growth is thorough and lifelong.

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