For generations SIKU toy models have been driven around the playroom. And there's a good reason for that: Since then, fathers buy for their children and grandfathers buy for their grandchildren our toy models which are created for little hands, thanks to their stable construction from metal and from plastic components.

SIKU’s interesting rural life is available here in the scales 1:50, 1:87 and 1:32. Powerful tractors from renowned brands like John Deere, CLAAS, Steyr or Fendt await you! Things are even more thrilling thanks to the wide choice of trailers like cultivators, harvesters, frontloaders…

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Siku: Farmer1:32 Scale
Siku: Farmer1:50 Scale
Siku: Farmer1:87 Scale

Here, SIKU’s exciting city life is available in the scales 1:50, 1:50/1:55 and 1:87. Here, you will find standard cars, rare super sports cars and a variety of police vehicles. SIKU SUPER also offers a wide selection featuring all the different the themes: excavators, cranes, ships, trucks or municipal vehicles…

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Siku: Super1:50/1:55 Scale
Siku: Super1:87 Scale
Siku: Super1:400 Scale

Showing 1–16 of 83 results

Showing 1–16 of 83 results