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Introducing an exciting new type of construction kit from Bloco.

Bloco T-Rex & Triceratops constuction set (BC-35002) | LeVida Toys

Bloco is a ground breaking patented construction toy. With high density foam pieces and uniquely designed plastic connectors. Simply link, stack and rotate at any angle to create loveable and captivating creatures that can be used for play or displayed as decorative items. No two pieces in a box are alike, yet they can be mixed and matched together in an inexhaustible medley of configurations, or even with pieces from other Bloco models. Whether you follow the instructions, or follow your imagination, the possibilities are endless.

Your child will have fun building the stunning 3D models, whilst benefiting from the educational value of the toy. Building motor and spatial skills and promoting creativity.  

For dinosaur fans we have a 200 piece dinosaur set ‘T-Rex & Triceratops’ Unlike a lot of construction kits both of the models shown on the box can be built at the same time which really enhances the play value of the kit.

Or for Horse and Unicorn fans we have the Horses & Unicorn set which contains a whopping 418 pieces. This set contains 3 separate models which can built at the same time. Simply. Link, stack, rotate and play.

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