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Hape Bunny Stacker

Hape Bunny Stacker - LeVida Toys

Designed for children ages 10 months and up, the Hape Bunny Stacker from Hape brings skill-building and sensory fun to any day. The stacker includes three different rings for infants to explore and stack onto a wobbling base.

The largest ring has textured lines and a soft bunny tail. Children can tug on the tail to make the ring vibrate and make a cute clicking sound. Above that, there is a wooden ring made up of six colourful petals that infants can pull apart and flip over. The third and smallest ring is soft, smooth, and peach-coloured. It also makes a rattling noise when shaken. And it wouldn’t be a bunny stacker without the bunny! The final piece to stack on the tower is a cuddly bunny head complete with long, floppy ears. 

As your child learns how to place the rings on the wooden base, they can work on their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. They can begin to learn patterns as they stack the rings from largest to smallest or smallest to largest. Whilst your child stacks the rings, the base can rock back and forth for added movement.

This adorable stacking toy’s different colours, textures, and sounds create a vivid sensory experience. Children can also play with each ring separately to encourage curiosity and exploration. 

Hape Bunny Stacker - LeVida Toys
Hape Bunny Stacker - LeVida Toys

About Hape

Hape® (pronounced “hah-pay”) takes the first two letters of its founder Peter Handstein’s name. It also sounds similar to “Happy”, which reflects the brand’s desire to create happiness for children around the world. Hape® has become a world-leading brand in the design and manufacture of high-quality baby and children’s toys. Toys made from sustainable materials. Hape’s range features over 20 categories covering STEAM toys, learning toys, instrument toys, role play, outdoor toys and many others. Providing a kaleidoscope of choices for free play and learning.

Today, Hape toys are sold in over 100 countries around the world. Hape has won numerous awards from prestigious independent toy associations for toy design, quality and safety. Hape believes the future starts with and belongs to children and that toys’ influence on children’s growth is thorough and lifelong.

LeVida Toys – proud to be a UK Hape Stockist.


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