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Haba Doll Cassie

Doll Cassie by Haba | LeVida Toys

Meet Cassie; Haba Doll Cassie is one of the fabulous soft fabric dolls in the Haba range.

Haba Doll Cassie

Cassie is so much fun to have around. She is mischievous, has a strong will, and is always likes to get her own way. She is a loyal friend who is always there when her friends need her. Cassie wears modern yet stylish clothing and has a lifelike design that children can instantly relate to.

Haba Dolls

Haba produces a large range of high-quality fabric dolls. The dolls are soft-bodied, beautifully detailed, and are of excellent quality. Each doll comes dressed in its own quirky style giving each doll its own personality. With a choice of soft bodies snug up dolls to modern and vibrant fabric rag dolls,  whichever doll you choose is sure to become your child’s new best friend. What’s more, and is great news for parents, all Haba fabric dolls are machine washable.

About Haba

Haba is best known for their range of wooden toys but are also the creators of a fabulous range of soft fabric dolls and a wonderfully fun and quirky range of little friends bendy dolls and accessories. Both of these ranges lend themselves perfectly to role-play and make-believe. Add just a little imagination and the play possibilities are endless.

LeVida Toys, Proud to be a Haba UK Stockist.

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