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Build-It 3D Puzzles from Cheatwell Games

Flying Scotsman Build-It 3D Puzzle | LeVida Toys

Build-It 3D Puzzles from Cheatwell Games

The Build-It range of 3D puzzles from Cheatwell games. A fantastic range of 3D puzzles that require no glue or tools to build. Simply push and build. Each set comes with easy to follow instructions and an information booklet and are suitable for age 8+

Start your collection today with one of these fabulous sets:


Very few machines have the lasting emotional appeal of the Spitfire.

R.J Mitchell’s masterpiece, this legendary fighter has its origins as a seaplane – the outright winner of the Schneider Tropy. The only aeroplane constructed throughout the whole of WWWII, the Spitfire was continually upgraded and improved to keep it one step ahead of all other fighters. Great planes lead to brilliant pilots: one of the most successful of these being the ace Johnnie Johnson, who flew Spitfires throughout the war.

The Mark IX – which this model depicts – was his favourite and has been replicated with the markings he earned as a Wing Commander.

Suitable for age 8+ with an average build time of 4 hours.

Flying Scotsman

A beacon of modern achievement, Flying Scotsman represents a Golden Age of British ingenuity and evokes the glamour, elegance and romance of the Art Deco period.

In 1928 the Flying Scotsman was the first steam locomotive to travel non-stop from London to Edinburgh, and the first to break the 100 mph speed barrier. The locomotive was acquired by the National Railway Museum in 2004 and form a part of the National Collection

Suitable for age 8+ with an average build time of 4 hours.


Mallard, the 1930’s record-breaking aerodynamic locomotive, was built by LNER. Designed by Sir Nigel Gresley, Mallard was one of a new bread of super sleek, super-fast trains – the A4 Pacifics – which slashed journey times. Mallard claimed its place in the railway hall of fame on 3rd July 1938 when it set the world speed record for a steam train of 126mph – still unsurpassed today.

Suitable for age 8+ with an average build time of 4 hours.

London Bus

The London Bus is one of London’s principal icons, the archetypal red rear-entrance Routemaster being recognised worldwide. Designed by London Transport and built by Associated Equipment Co (AEC), the first Routemaster entered service in 1956. Standard buses were 27.5ft x 8ft x 14ft 4.5 in (8.4m x 2.44m x 4.38m).

Suitable for age 8+ with an average build time of 1 hour.

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