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Anker Lighthouse Puzzle

Light House Puzzle Game by Anker

Anker Lighthouse Puzzle


Are you looking for an engaging puzzle to help develop your child’s problems solving skills. Why not give the Anker Lighthouse Puzzle a try? The Lighthouse puzzle stimulates logical thought and also fosters the ability to concentrate. The task may sound quite simple at first.  In practice, you will soon recognise the pitfalls and have to rethink your strategy to try and find solutions for them

A puzzle and game of patience for 6 years+. The game comprises 9 original Anker stones.

The Lighthouse

On an island in the sea stands a large lighthouse which warns passing ships of shallow waters. The lighthouse has been performing its duty reliably for many years and is a loyal companion to seafarers. It has become necessary to move the lighthouse to the other side of the island.

The object of the game

You need to move the lighthouse from one side of the green island to the other and reassemble the lighthouse in precisely the given order. You may move only one stone at a time. Highly proficient players can do it in 35 moves. How many moves do you need?


Build the lighthouse, as shown in the booklet that comes with the puzzle on one side of the green stone.

The Rules

You need to move the lighthouse from one side of the island to the other. You may only move only one stone at a time. Three spaces for depositing the stones are provided on the green area. You must never place a larger stone on top of a smaller one during transportation. This is only allowed in the correct order at the new location. You must deposit red and white lighthouse stones according to colour during transportation. They may only alternate again in the finished lighthouse. A separating layer with one stone of another colour is allowed.

Are you up for the challenge?

Available from LeVidaToys here:

About Anker

Anker manufactures their stones in the traditional fashion from purely natural materials in Rudolstadt/Thuringia using a recipe of quartz sand, chalk, linseed oil and pigments. Anker stones captured the imagination of children all over the globe and in around 1900 were in fact the biggest-selling toys in the world.






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